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MYSQL conditional statement example (case when then)

MYSQL has very powerful set of control flow/conditional features, and case/when/then is one of these. Assume that you need a table to store a generic value, with different value types, and for the sake of demo, let’s keep it simple.

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Simple Example of Mybatis JAVA Maven Implementation

Next Example All Mybatics Examples/Topics Mybatis is a powerful and flexible persistent framework. One of the advantage of it, compared to Hibernate, is that you don’t have to pick up new script language. You still create the sql, as you

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How to backup and restore mysql DB

Here are a couple of simple mysql commands to backup and restore mysql database 1. backup mysqldump -u [username] -p[pass] -h [hostname] -P [port] [database name] > [database name].sql the -h and -P can be omitted if using localhost and

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